Iceland Gull ~ 1st. W ~ Viridor Recycling, Crayford, Kent - 24.01.14

Friday, 24 January 2014

With the light fading and the mass of gulls slowly dispersing to roost, a small gull, on Viridor Recycling roof standing head looked promising, the lot flushed and in flight it was obviously a Iceland !!
Trying to relocate the bird proved difficult, time and again, a truck would flush the mass and then its back to re-finding it, a ghostly white bird just blends in with 700 gulls in flight ..

I managed a record shot, before they all vanished and viewing the back of the camera a few features didn't quite fit right, I raised the possible by text to AL, then CB rang and the same features raised. 
Once home the image was sent to AL & RB with possible kumlienii talked over.
With only this image to work with, it does show enough of the tail and lack of a band, for the time being to rule out kumlienii, open wing images would of been nice but near-on impossible ..
Still with a few features that puts it on the overlap of both Iceland/Kumlien's.

Until prolonged views or better images its Iceland Gull ...


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