Caspian Gull ~ 1st. W ~ Dungeness, Kent - 27.09.15

Wednesday 30 September 2015

Finally after 5 months waiting for another Caspian to show, two turn up at once. The all to brief 2nd. winter bird and this 1st. winter bird !!

Caspian Gull ~ 1st. Winter

It was very vocal, aggressive and towered over the other gulls ..

Givin' it large with the Albatross

Strutting like a Boss !!

I'd like another chance in better conditions with this smart looking bird !!

Caspian Gull ~ 2nd. W ~ Dungeness, Kent - 27.09.15

Monday 28 September 2015

Finally the first Caspian of the '15/'16 season has succumbed to the bucket, its been a long time coming as the last was on the 26.04.15 all of 5 months ago.
Apart from when we've been abroad, the hours have gone into the weekends at Dungeness so its long overdue !!

Strong Easterly winds straight off the sea made it difficult for the birds to settle, so much so that we moved to 'The Puddles' and it paid off, not only was this bird the first of the season but its the first 2nd. W thats come to the puddles !!
It was RB that pulled it out the flock, nervous and flighty it just would not settle for long before flying off, three times it was tempted back in ..
Eventually it just flew north ..

Caspian Gull ~ 2nd. W

Caspian Gulls ~ Simrishamn, Sweden - Sept' 15

Wednesday 23 September 2015

With Ryanair not flying to Malmo anymore it meant a flight to Copenhagen friday morning 11th Sept then a drive across the Malmo Bridge into Sweden heading for Simrishamn ..

The weather for the weekend was mainly overcast with a few sunny spells but still plenty of gulls to search through ..

Staying again at Bengtssons Lodge, which is close to the harbour and with Food and Beer just outside your room its perfect ..

Having tried a few other sites in the mornings it was Simrishamn Harbour which held the gull flocks for the afternoons with c.20+ Caspians of all age groups ..

Caspian Gull ~ 1st. cycle

Caspian Gull ~ 2nd. cycle

Caspian Gull ~ Adults

It was again a great trip to Simrishamn and if possible another later this year would be nice ..

I always want more, but 20+ Caspians isn't a bad return for the 50+ loaves of bread !!!