Azorean Gull ~ Ad ~ Larus michahellis atlantis ~ Sao Miguel, Azores -Nov' 16

Wednesday 30 November 2016

The Azorean Gull ~ Larus michahellis atlantis is structurally smaller and more compact, shorter in both wing and leg length and grey mantle tone darker than nominate michahellis ..
Iris is pale cream and lighter than nominate ..
The P10 primary has a mirror but no mirror to P9 unlike nominate michahellis ..

All images were taken on Sao Miguel, Azores with Caloura, Ribeira Grande and Lagao de Porto being the best ..

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3rd Winter
2nd Winter
1st Winters

Azorean Gull ~ Adult

4cy sub-adult

This Azorean was trying to get itself some lunch, it failed on this attempt but they must control the numbers to a degree as a gull was also seen with a Turnstone carcase so red meat to suppliment the fish .. 

Caspian Gull ~ Sub Ad ~ 2nd.W ~ Dungeness, Kent - 19.11.16

Saturday 19 November 2016

The winds today were south-south west with rain closing in, there was a few 100 birds in and around the boats, mainly in small roosts from the boats down to the lifeboat station.
First bird a Sub-Adult was in the resting group at the last boat towards the lifeboat station and didn't stay around for long.

And then this massive 2nd.W bird came in for the frenzy but would rest on the water way out ..

Caspian Gull ~ 2nd. W ~ Dungeness, Kent - 06.11.16

Sunday 6 November 2016

Fairly calm North-westerly wind and a good number of gulls gathered on the beach and constantly growing until what seems to be the norm of late, a gull gets caught up in a fisherman's line ... It totally freaks them out when another bird is entangled like this and they all disperse from the area, literally c.500 birds to none !!
It took about 45 minutes to start them off again and even longer to settle them down as it makes them really nervous ...
Anyway nothing of interest until late on when after they had settled in came a 2nd. W Caspian Gull ..

Also later in failing light a Adult Caspian Gull came in briefly and the wing pattern showed it to be a different bird than last weeks adult ..