Sabine's Gull ~ Startop's End Reservoir, Buckinghamshire - 04.07.12

Saturday 14 July 2012

Really wanted better images of this gull species, so at first with dodgy weather and not many images coming on the web, I waited on the 2nd !!
Imagining it to be distant due to No images appearing ... 

The weather improved slightly on the 3rd but I still stayed at work, that evening better images came on-line ...

The 4th and the forecast was the same as it's been dull, the pager kept reporting all-day that it was still there, so by mid-afternoon, it was to much to take so a couple of texts went out and before long Me & Kev are on our way !!

The directions that we had were wrong but we got there eventually, and at first the 1st - summer bird was asleep out on a raft ... Not for long !!
It was feeding so close to us that the 500 wouldn't focus !!
A shame that the light was so poor, the views more than made up for it though.

Sabine's Gull ~ 1st - S

It vanished later in the week !!