Slaty-Backed Gulls ~ Hokkaido, Japan - Dec'15

Sunday 31 January 2016

All the following images of Slaty-backed Gulls were taken on Hokkaido, mainly at Kushiro Harbour and Abashiri Port ..

Saunder's Gull ~ Yatsushiro Estuary, Kumamoto, Japan - 22.12.15

Sunday 24 January 2016

This species was the one that I had my doubts about getting images of, its a small gull on a large estuary !!

Would they be easy to see ?
Would I get close enough ?
Do I need to take the 500 Lens ?

Well yes they were easy to see ..
Didn't quite get as close as I'd like ..
And glad I took the 500 !!

RB & JJ had planned it to perfection we arrived on the incoming tide at Yatsushiro Estuary and with no time to spare I decided where I was going to sit and wait out in the hope of a fly-by or better still one close in !!

I sat out in the afternoon with my back to the sun, with the 500 + 1.4x and 200+ Saunder's in the estuary ..
These coordinates show where I sat
32.616510, 130.649459

What more could you ask for !!