Audouin's Gull ~ 2nd. W ~ ** MEGA ** ~ Dungeness, Kent - 12.10.14

Monday 13 October 2014

Straight off the plane from Poland and headed down to Dungeness for the afternoon ..
Easterly winds and raining, so we set-up at the puddles. The usual snacks went out for the gulls but all we had in was a 1st. W. YLG ...
It was now raining quite hard, it was early evening and noticed DW on the concrete road, He was heavily into a bird amongst the flock, after five minutes he's still going at it with his camera, and was now joined by Andy A ..
Pulling up bumper to bumper a quick scan and a smart 3rd. W. Caspian stood out, a quick exchange of words took place ...

DW ... 3rd. Winter
Me ... Yep 3rd. Winter
DW ... What do you make of that odd bird to the left of the casp ?

My reply was what spun it in the wrong direction !! ... Doh !!

Me ... That's got Laughing in it !!
DW ... Must have ...
AA .. Laughing X Ring-billed ..

And so we F*@k up the id !!

It wasn't until I got the images on the PC, then it all finally clicked ...

Dodgy record shots .. omg

Audouin's Gull ~ 2nd. W

For some better images ...

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Jamie Medford said...

Nice find Mick, and makes me feel so much better that even you get the odd oof image too :)