Lesser Black-backed Gull ~ Black / MF - 15.08.15

Sunday 23 August 2015

A nice ringed Lesser Black-backed gull was found near the fishing boats at Dungeness on the 15.08.15


Ringed by Roland-Jan Buijs as a pullus 21.06.09
At Moerdijk, Netherlands

It was then seen at ...

Tan-Tan, Morocco - 22.11.06
El Jadida, Morocco - 22.04.11
Hollandsch Diep, Netherlands - 12.07.12
Tilburg, Netherlands - 19.07.12
Hollandsch Diep, Netherlands - 24.04.13
Hollandsch Diep, Netherlands - 22.04.14
Dungeness, Kent - 15.08.15

Tail variations in Juvenile Herring Gulls

Monday 10 August 2015

The variation in tail patterns of Herring Gulls both argenteus and argentatus is unique to every bird, like fingerprints ...
Ranging from small terminal bands to near complete dark tails, some are fairly plain whilst others are boldly barred ...

Patterns and marking are due to genetics but could some be caused by dietary deficiencies ...