Grey-headed Gull ~ Paracas, Peru - Feb' 17

Monday 27 February 2017

The Grey-headed Gull was common and confiding in Paracas, Peru ..
The majority of the birds were adults in non-breeding plumage with a fair proportion in breeding plumage ..

A sequence of shots showing an adult breeding pair bonding ...
The female took on the submissive posture begging with the male seemingly more dominant and upright.

It was great to watch especially some of the postures that the male made as you've seen above ..

Non- breeding Plumage adults
with P9~P10 still growing

2nd. winter ?? 

1st. winter

One of the beaches in Paracas

Mainly Grey-headed with a few Belcher's ..

Caspian Gull ~ 1st. W ~ X309 ~ Dungeness, Kent - 25.02.17

Sunday 26 February 2017

Arriving at The Fish Hut, Dungeness and I could see RB and JP going over the shingle ridge towards the fishing boats about 10 minutes in front on me.
Once I was at the boats, they were now way down the beach with the feeding frenzy of gulls, I set-up and wasn't prepared to walk down as the gulls would be up by me and the bucket soon enough ..
Well probably nearly 20 minutes went by and there photography had increased in intensity, crawling and laying down !!
This was now to much to handle and i just had to walk down and i'm sure glad that i did as they had found themselves a nice ringed Caspian Gull from the Germany ..

Ringed on the 06.06.2016 in Brandenburg, Germany, then seen in December '16 in Boulogne-sur-mer and then Dungeness ...

With rough seas it looked very promising at the boats but nothing of note could be found not even a ringed bird, the session was over when a gull got tangled in a fishermans line so back at The Puddles from the car virtually the first bird in was a regular bird ...
This bird was first seen on the 31.12.16

Kelp Gull ~ Larus dominicanus ~ Peru - Feb' 17

Thursday 23 February 2017

With Kelp Gull being in the minority and vastly out-numbers by other gull species but still present at all the locations on the coast that i visited from Lima to Paracas.
I actually thought that they had been given a good share of the camera work but the complete opposite is true and i've returned with only a handful of images ...