Caspian Gull ~ 1st. W ~ Dungeness, Kent - 21.12.14

Monday 22 December 2014

It seems like its been ages since the last Caspian to come in close enough for the camera but finally today ended the wait ...

Earlier in the roost behind the Fish Hut at Dungeness was a 1st. W bird with the usual bleached and faded coverts, within minutes of finding the bird it was flushed by children chasing the flock ...

After 2 hrs at the puddles, and still no sign of the earlier bird this beauty dropped in !!

A different 1st. W bird, with fresh non faded coverts still looking a nice chocolate colour, something which I haven't seen before in a December bird, then the doubt sets in, is it, isn't it !!

There's a few points that bother me ...

The fresh looking coverts.
The lack of pattern on undertail.
Underwing pattern.
And lack of barring on uppertail.

All these probably come within variation ..

Just not use to seeing a Caspian looking so fresh & smart in December ..