Parc du Marquenterre, France 23.04.11

Wednesday 27 April 2011

Bonjour ...
We had our third trip to the Parc du Marquenterre, pick up was at 04:30am, Richard drove there and my road sign skills soon had us going the wrong way !!!
Once on site the first lake briefly had two Black-winged Stilts that flew off out of view and i thought that was the last we'll see of them ...
Four LRP's were displaying so that was the first target ..

Little Ringed Plover

Last year we timed it spot on for the Spoonbill's & White Storks but this time they had already built their nest so activity was virtually nowt !!!
The Storks always fly fairly close and after a while you turn your attention to other subjects, which backfired !! because we missed a Black Stork fly over ...

White Stork

Only one Spoonbill came close !!!


Two Black Tern's were very brief visitors from one of the hides ...

Black Tern

A Little Egret put on a great performance first flying in and then practicing some Kung Fu !!!

Little Egret

The "Star Birds" returned hiding at first as they are rather shy !!

Then the two were joined by another pair, The male looking absolutely stunning !!!

Black-winged Stilt

With half an hour left before we had to leave to get the Euro Tunnel we were treated to mating at close quarters & a low P.O.V ... Get-in !!!


And just when you think that it couldn't get better than this the male did a full wing stretch !!!

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Fantastic day with a return trip pencilled in for a few weeks time !!

Luvly-Jubly !!
(That's French)