Northern Eider - ssp. Borealis ~ Seahouses, Northumberland ... 02.06.12

Thursday 7 June 2012

This stunning drake really stood out from the other Common Eider drake's in the Harbour at Seahouses, Northumberland.
The bird was smarter with sharper markings, and the nape colour was more vibrant. The bill structure seemed shorter in length, with a roman bump on the culmen and bright orange compared to the dull green of the Common's.
Not always visible especially when wet were the "sails" on the scapulars but a few times were visible.
The main flock would come in when ever someone had bread and would stay loosely in the harbour, as for the Northern it would drift off back on its own out towards the harbour mouth.
There seems very little written about the Ssp. Borealis i've had a search and so far haven't found much.
So for now its a Borealis type bird..

Northern Eider

Hopefully the more experience birders with this species will share there knowledge !!
Either way a smart looking bird ...