Caspian Gull ~ 1st. W ~ Bob Dunn Way, Dartford, Kent - 28.01.14

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Late afternoon at the floods on Bob Dunn Way, I found a adult Caspian Gull right at the very back of the pool, it couldn't of been any further away.
I had nice scope views, mentally tick all the features, blah blah, yellowish legs, yep Caspian ..
This bird wasn't rung, so a new bird and also wasn't as striking as the last adult, more subtle and easily overlooked ...
It was so distant but still needed a record image, rattled off 5 or 6 then the roost flushed and not seen again ..
Got home, images onto computer, checking for the adult ..
There it is ...
 No it not thats got pink legs !!
The bird was so small in the frame i'd taken images of the wrong bird !!!
The Caspian was further left and not even in the frame ....

Also there was a 1st. W. Caspian the same bird as No: 2 from Xmas day and its been seen a few times at Viridor since ..

I could see this one  ..

500 + 1.4=700mm ~ 1/200 ~ F5.6 ~ iso 320