Caspian Gull ~ Ad. W ~ Dungeness, Kent - 18.01.14

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Saturday was a good day for gulls, lots of gulls feeding on the high water line on rough seas by a strong S.E wind.

We were joined by Jono, He prefers Oenanthe to Laridae yet spent all day photographing Rissa tridactyla !!

Me, well I left all my gear indoors coat, hat, gloves & w/p trousers and it was cold checking though the roosts and feeding birds best were Little & Med.

One last scan through at 16:40 and in amongst a small roost near the wooden tower was a adult Caspian Gull.
The structure of the bird, with high breast puffed out, long legged and big curved bill add to that the grey mantle shade and the bird stood out ..

The obligatory long distance, super cropped images were taken ..


Now just need to get up close to it !!

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