Low down and Local

Tuesday 24 April 2018

Over the last few weekends i've been staying fairly local and shooting from sunrise at Danson Park, Bexleyheath and Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve and Footscray Meadows, Sidcup..

Common species from as close to water level as I can get ..

Footscray Meadows, Sidcup 

Danson Park, Bexleyheath

Danson Park, Bexleyheath

Caspian Gull ~ 1st.W ~ Dungeness, Kent - 31.03.18

Wednesday 4 April 2018

This was the 2nd Caspian Gull for the day at Dungeness, Kent.
Early evening having just had the polish ringed bird and this monster joins in the melee ..

Caspian Gull ~ 1st.W ~ #18

Caspian Gull ~ 1st.W ~ P:C65 ~ Dungeness, Kent - 31.03.18

Tuesday 3 April 2018

Had to wait until early evening for this Polish ringed bird to come in to the feeding melee, the first of three Caspians for the day ..

The light was typically awful at Dungeness, Kent and with nothing of note appearing, it was bordering on coffee time when this fairly dirty looking bird showed up, the fine streaking on the head with more slightly heavier markings to flanks and belly also the under wing being on the darker side all adding to this dirty look and has it got some possible mixed parentage with a michahellis in the previous generations ...

Ringed on 28.05.17
by Hanna Sztwiertnia

At Mietkowski, Meitkow, Poland.

Seen at Dungeness, Kent - 21.08.17

And at Dungeness, Kent - 31.03.18

Distance from ringing ~ 1091 km's .....