Herring Gull - 1st.W ~ Jolly Farmers, Crayford - 16.12.12

Tuesday 18 December 2012

A quick look in at the gulls on the way home as the light was fading fast.
The clean white heads of michahellis stand out well from the streaky heads of the other gulls in Aut/Winter, and in the field that's exactly what this bird seemed to be ...
Once home and studying the bird things just don't look right, covert & tertial markings !!

So the experts were called in ...

Herring Gull ~ 1st.W 


So what is it ??

1st. Cy. Herring Gull 


Marc Heath said...

Nice set Mick. could you let me know how you got your slideshow for your header. Very impressive.

Marc Heath said...

Cheers Mick.I had a go but what a nightmare. Have probably totally buggered up my settings now with codes etc. I gave up in the end. There must be an easier way.