Mediterranean Gull - ad.W ~ Southend Pier, Essex - 30.11.12

Saturday 1 December 2012

Mediterranean Gull ~ ad.W

Some of you already know that I shoot without the image stabilizer on 99% of the time, for some strange reason I thought i'd try it out today.

Why not I thought, well i will tell you why not ?

My keeper rate just fell away and the sharpness was none existent in the majority 80% or more were duffers !
In flight images, you can track them in so the I.S had plenty of time to work ..

So back to NO image stabilizer !!

And back comes the sharpness ...

Lens has been calibrated to the camera body so it's not that ..

Are you all reliant on IS .. turn it off, try it ..


Shaun harvey said...

I will try it! and if my shots improve? It's breakfast on me!

chiddy said...

What is i s lol lol none on my lens great shot