Gull Images of 2012

Monday, 31 December 2012

This is a collection of my best Gull images of 2012

I've chosen one image of each species, which I consider my best of that species for the year

A total of 18 species of Gull for 2012

Some of the more commoner species like Black-headed & Herring allow for multiple chances, as with the rarer you may only get one chance ..

Audouin's Gull

Quite a pleasing pose, with slight head turn 
Nice wing & tail spread showing detail in both black and whites
1/3200 ~ F 5.6 

Black-headed Gull

Interesting flight pose, nice upturned primary feathers
I like the way the coverts are raised with the reduced air flow over the wing
Nice eye contact, and plenty of detail
1/1600 ~ F 8.0

Bonaparte's Gull
Nice banked pose showing off the underwing detail & tail spread
All i.d.  features showing, nice eye contact and plenty of detail
1/2500 ~ F 6.3

Caspian Gull

Good pose showing both upper, underwing & tail spread
Slight head turn and eye contact
1/4000 ~ F 7.1

Common Gull

Good pose showing underwing detail, soft lighting & eye contact
1/1250 ~ F 4.0

Glaucous Gull

Standard pose, but good light and low angle to diffuse the background
Head turn & eye contact with plenty of detail
1/1600 ~ F 10

Great Black-Backed Gull

Bird in heavy moult which with the wing position and fish adds interest
Lower angle would of been better 
1/2000 ~ F 5.6

Herring Gull

Great flight position, nice wing & tail spread
Good head turn with eye contact
1/2000 ~ F 6.3

Iceland Gull

Nice interesting flight pose, nice light through the feathers
Good background 
1/2500 ~ F 4.5


Good pose, plenty of detail in all the feathers both black & white
Eye contact and clean background
1/2000 ~ F 8.0

Kumlien's Gull

Quite a pleasing image, bird against the dark background works well
Nice pose hanging in the wind with slight upturned primaries
Water droplets add interest 
Would of liked some separation of the bill against the background
1/4000 ~ F 5.6

Lesser Black-Backed Gull

Great flight pose, nice head turn with eye contact
Plenty of detail in the grey upper parts
1/4000 ~ F 5.6

Little Gull

Nice showing the underwing in this flight pose
A must do better species for the future
1/2500 ~ F 5.6

Mediterranean Gull

Good pose with wing & tail spread, reduced airflow lifting feathers
Nice head angle showing the aggression
1/4000 ~ F 5.6

Pallas's Gull

Typical angle that shows the underwing off well
1/1600 ~ F 6.3

Ring-Billed Gull

Good flight position which shows of the wing feathers in nice light
The background of diffused grass works well
1/3200 ~ F 5.6

Sabine's Gull

Not the best pose, but upper & underwing with eye contact
1/5000 ~ F 5.6

Yellow-legged Gull

Good pose showing plenty of detail in the underwing
1/4000 ~ F 5.6

A few species that i would like to improve on ... 
All of them !!

Little Gull which isn't easy.

Glaucous Gull 3rd. cy flight images.

And would be great to add the stunning
White-eyed Gull !!


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