Did you see a Caspian at the weekend ?

Monday, 23 November 2015

Did you see a Caspian at the weekend ?

Well i did ...

And so did 99% of  The Wanstead Massive !!

Here is the one i saw at Dungeness ..

Now Dungeness is the best place in Kent for gulls and Caspians are regular winter visitors ..

Wanstead Flats however isn't renowned for its rare gulls but on saturday Bob found a mega on Jubilee Pond a Caspian Gull !!
The news broke and all but one of The Wanstead Massive came to see the stunning beauty ..

Road blocks, Camera crews and signs were put up to help people find it easier ...

But one of The Wanstead Massive went to the Swimming Pool instead, by the time the mistake had been rectified it was far to late ..
The gull had flown off and the crowds had dispersed ..

The above image shows the lone Wanstead Lister searching for the gull but it never returned !!

Whilst at Dungeness it was business as usual with a Caspian so close you could stroke its head !!


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Miguel Rodríguez Esteban said...

Stunning caspian and incredible pics!!!

Best wishes, Miguel.