Caspian Gull ~ 1st. W ~ Dungeness, Kent - 07.11.15

Monday, 9 November 2015

The forecast of rain and strong winds gave hope to good numbers of gulls coming in from the storm and it turned out to be just that ...
In at The Puddles came 3 Caspians during the afternoon, one was so brief that no images were taken, one kept returning for more and a ringed bird ..

Here's a selection of images of the bird that stuck around for most of the afternoon ..

Caspian Gull ~ 1st. W

Here it is on the right with a red ringed Caspian to its left

RB had another 2 casps in the roost earlier in the day which took the days total to 5 Caspians ... 

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Ploddingbirder said...

Superb as usual Mick!