11 Caspian Gulls ~ Dungeness, Kent - 28.12.13

Sunday 29 December 2013

No its not a typo, 11 Caspians at Dungeness ...
Must be some sort of Kent record !!

Me and Richard picked up Andy Lawson for what turn out to be a great morning on the falling tide.
We started from the main roost and then went through the massive raft on the sea which gave us 7 different birds.
A break in the cafe then grabbing a adult bird from the causeway.
Then out on the exposed sand which gave us another 3 birds all different individuals.

Amazing total of 11 Caspians !!

I managed to record 4 of the birds, big crops the other 7 were way out of my range, Andy digiscoped them for the record ...

The sheer number of gulls must of exceeded 4000+ birds and we could only have scratched the surface, who knows how many there could have been and still no white-wingers .. 

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