Ivory Gull ~ Patrington Haven, East Yorkshire - 20.12.13

Wednesday 25 December 2013

With the Ivory Gull still being reported and coming to feed on fish, Me & Richard set off at 04:30 Friday morning. Only an hours drive to go and the news it was still there went out, relieved to hear that ...
After waiting with a small crowd of 30 odd, it flew in to feed from the rocks.
This it did 3 times, roughly ever 2 hrs everybody happy taking a million shots of it ... Due to the wind direction it always flew in from behind the pumphouse and glided in and down on the fish, another million shots ...
All the banking flight was just out of range and given the poor light un-use able ..
The flight path was the same each time it came into feed, and once down on the ground backgrounds were difficult to achieve without clutter ...

We stayed overnight in Hull ..

Next day we tried again but only got one flight into feed, slightly better light, only this time with a crowd of c.300.
Cameras went berserk, I stood and watched the bird and listened to shutters on 10 frames a second going crazy every time the bird moved a muscle ..

A fantastic bird to see !!


Under poor light and with limited opportunity's the photography was dire ... 
99.9% of people there loved it ..
Tick and run ..
A few record shots, tick & run ..
Well I don't year list and purely went for images, sometimes you have to make do with whats on offer !!

Ivory Gull

What a great bird ..


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chiddy said...

I agree superb bird