Great Black-Backed Gull's ~ Dungeness, Kent - 04.08.13

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Mr. Smith gave me a statistic from my recent uploads ...
8 out of the last 14 were Gull related !!
Only 8, that's not even 60%

So please accept my apology, and to make up for the lack of gull related posts this one is all Gulls !

This is probably the best photo session i've had to-date with GBB's, the light could of been a little softer/lower in the sky but its early in the season, so plenty more to come !!!

Great Black-Backed Gull

Into 2nd. W


Into 3rd. W

Into 4th. W

Into Ad. W

I find getting the age of Gull's tricky so if i've got it wrong please correct me ...


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