Yellow-Legged Gull ~ Juv ~ Dungeness, Kent - 11.08.13

Thursday 15 August 2013

A day on Dungeness beach, near the fishing boats checking and photographing the gulls is always good, but it got much more interesting when a bird appeared and stood out from the crowd ...

Compared to the other gulls nearby it was a superb comparison to check its features against ...

Pale head & dark eye mask ..
Solid dark Tertials ..
Broad dark tail band ..
White upper tail & rump ..
Thick black bill ..
Dark outer Greater Coverts ..
Pale belly & undertail Coverts ..
Dark trailing edge to wing ..
Long wing projection ..

This bird shows no 2nd. generation scapulars yet ..

Such a stunning bird it got papped ...

Yellow-legged Gull ~ Juvenile

And a different Juvenile that kept it's distance ..

A Caspian Gull 

Fantastic afternoon's Gulling !!


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Austin Morley said...

Great pics mate, and great Blog I have now followed I hope you do the same