Black-Headed Gull - Leucistic ~ Crayford, Kent - 15.02.13

Friday 15 February 2013

I found this Leucistic bird yesterday but didn't have my camera gear with me only scope and compact camera so I digi-scoped it ... Omg !! they went straight in the bin l'll be leaving that up to Andy L in future ...

Once work was finished today, I went back and re-located the bird on the flood at Bob Dunn Way.

These images are super crops at a range of about 100m's !!

Smart looking bird

Black-headed Gull

Leucism ........

In leucistic birds, affected plumage lacks melanin pigment due to the cells responsible for melanin production being absent. This results in a white feathers, unless the normal plumage colour also comprises carotenoids (e.g. yellows), which remain unaffected by the condition. Although leucism is inherited, the extent and positioning of the white colouration can vary between adults and their young, and can also skip generations if leucistic genes are recessive.

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Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Beautiful pictures.. Congrats and regards..