Yellow-Legged Gull ~ 1st. W ~ Pale Bird - 06.09.15

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Gull numbers are still fairly low at Dungeness c.400 birds coming in near the fishing boats and still no caspian yet ...

But this pale bird was the best we've had over the last few weeks ..

A superb looking Yellow-legged Gull ..

Boldly marked scapulars with anchor patterns ..
Dark tertials, primaries and tail band ..
The fresh scaps and the white head make for a good looking bird ..

Even got some venetian blinds !!

The underwing can look quite pale in certain lighting conditions

Dark tail band tapering towards the outer rectices,
Clean white upper tail, finely marked ..

Some median coverts have been replaced also

In flight with the pale underwing, venetians, dark band and white rump its the closest we've had to a caspian so far ...

The structure of the bird suggests nothing more than a Yellow-legged Gull ..

But a smart looking one !! 


chiddy said...

Agree a very smart bird very confusing to being with

Steve Ashton Wildlife Photography said...

That first image is outstanding you say, a well marked and good looking gull. WELL PICKED OUT.