Baltic Gull ~ Ad ~ Larus fuscus fuscus ~ Getlini EKO, Riga, Latvia - Apr' 15

Friday 10 April 2015

On both days, 4th and 5th of April at Getlini EKO, near Riga, Latvia two gulls made a few brief appearances and joined the feeding frenzy, both birds looked good for fuscus fuscus ..

Small and elegant, dark mantled with long wing projection ...

Baltic Gull ~ Ad

Small round head, slender bill signal yellow with red gonys mark, red orbital ring with pale iris ..
Short legged which are bright yellow..
Primary tips often worn ..
Dark slate grey/black mantle with black primaries.
Characteristic jizz with the long rear end .. 

Upperwing Kodak scale 13-17 
Primaries Kodak scale 17-18

Diagnostic with little contrast in upperwing

Mirror to P10
Black down to P5

Underwing primaries grey

After many attempts to gain the ring No: most of my images were of the back of the ring !!

All I managed to get was ..


Richard B had more success and gained the full ring No: and did the detective work !!

Here's the results ...

Bird No: 2

Similar features to bird No: 1, although this bird is not ringed ..
Slightly bigger built, head etc ..

Mirror to P10 and a small mirror on P9

Black down to P4 on outer web ..

For me the star birds of a great weekend trip to the dump !!

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