Yellow-legged Gull ~ Ebro Delta, Spain - Apr' 14

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Two big breeding colonies holding 100's of pairs, one at Punta de la Banya and the other at Sant de la Rapida and small groups nesting on most islands or banks anywhere else in restricted area's ..
So many birds with only one thing in mind nesting, not posing for the camera. Individual's just wouldn't let you get close even in the car !!
We had a few birds in the harbour at Sant de la Rapida that flew fairly close and on the sandbar of Punta de la Banya but only when it was so windy they were reluctant to fly ...
Other than that they were flighty and not easy to gain images of ...

Yellow-legged Gull ~ Ad. S

4th cy ~ 3rd s

3rd cy ~ 2nd s

2nd cy ~ 1st s

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