Yellow-legged Gull ~ 3rd. W ~ Dungeness, Kent - 22.09.13

Friday, 27 September 2013

Over the past few weekends the gull numbers have been falling with now just a mass of 200+ gathering on the beach.
We were joined by SH, DM & DW but unfortunately nothing came in until late on, when the Ad. yellow-legged made a brief appearance and another bird with virtually a full grey saddle when at rest, sporting a black bill & no mirrors ...

Extensive black to bill
Streaking to head, mainly eye & ear coverts
Lower 2nd. gen dark tertials
Tail with faint band

Outer most primary still growing
Secondaries still growing mainly inner
Some greater coverts, secondaries & alula with brown markings

I'm still confused about feather growth 3rd W birds should moult P10 with a mirror, so there is a really faint one will this gradually turn white as the feather grows or would it grow all the way with a mirror ?

Hopefully will get another chance with this bird and see how P10 grows ... 

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