Little Gull ~ Dungeness, Kent - 14.07.13

Thursday 18 July 2013

A walk out to the fishing boats mid-afternoon and its high tide with a really calm sea ...
Lovely just sitting on the beach watching birds go by ..

A few crates of fish leftovers were emptied at the water line and the frenzy began with GBB's, LBB's, Herring and BHG's the main feeders.
Common Gull mainly ad's with a few younger birds all fly-by's.
Adult Med Gull's went past ..
Common & Sandwich feeding on small fish near the slick ..

Then this adult summer Little Gull came in close feeding and moments later joined by two others but much further out ..

Now some of these images are near-on full frame yet due to user error all just off focus, with PS managed to get usable images ... Lucky ..

Note ... The extensive feather wear !!

Little Gull


A smart looking gull that you rarely get a chance at, let alone get close too

Try again next time ..


Shaun harvey said...

The primaries look really worn as they have been dragged along the ground. Like the last photo Mick something different!

ZielonaMila said...

Beautiful photos, fantastic bird:) Greetings