Hoopoe Lark ~ Yasmina Track, Morocco - 03.03.13

Thursday 14 March 2013

In the right habitat these big larks are fairly common and easy to spot as they are far from shy, but they were the species I most wanted to gain images of.
The first encounter was on the Tagdilt track, then a recce of the Yasmina track proved to be a great bit of habitat, it was agreed that the following morning at first light we'd give it another go as all the birds would be in full song !!

The Yasmina track is south-east of Rissani off the P21, the rough track that leads out to Yasmina Hotel has a brilliant long Wadi about 9km WNW of  Hotel Yasmina.
Here we had Hoopoe, Bar-tailed & Thick-billed Larks. Desert Warbler & Wheatear, Great Grey Shrike & Brown-necked Raven.

We were dropped off about 500m's apart in radio contact, and set off all doing our own thing. 
I had only one main aim Flight Display images !!

They sing from the ground or a low bush, continuing in flight, straight up vertical to about 3m's then drop out vertical back down in a stoop wings folded.
All over with in seconds
Great to see & Hear !! 

Hoopoe Lark

We all had a great morning.

I had more sand in my shoes !

Richard had more Figs for breakfast !

Jono was photographing Donkeys !

And Bradders was looking for a Tree !

I loved Morocco ....



Ben Porter said...

Superb pictures of a bird whose song-flight I have always wanted to experience! Thanks for sharing

Mike said...

Cracking set of shots, especialy the flight shots, love it!

Shaun harvey said...

Mick, you always seem to capture something different. Stunning pictures!!!!

Joke (Joke's Camera) said...

Wow, really stunning series, Mick. The first and last photo's are my favorites. Greetings, Joke

Richard Thewlis said...

Stunning photos - the aerial sequence is awesome. Have to see one before I die! Thank you for posting them.

Abdelhak Elbanak said...

Superb Pictures ! Thank you for sharing .

Conservation Affiliate said...

Just chanced upon your website. Amazing photos! Thank you!