Desert Sparrow ~ Erg Chebbi, Morocco - 02.03.13

Wednesday 13 March 2013

This was one of the species that I had images in my mind that I wanted to hopefully capture even before going ...

 The over the shoulder look back, on sand and shooting from prone !!
Not to much to ask ?

Airport to Erg Chebbi is 670 km's.

The last 15 km's is desert track and believe me its like driving over corrugated roofing the whole way !!
The ruts are everywhere on and off  the tracks so there's no getting away from good shaking ...

We arrived in darkness, headlights revealing a Fort like hotel which would be our base for 2 days ..

The next morning, luckily had wispy clouds which kept the temperature down but still nice light ...
The walk out across the dunes would take us an hour, following the Camel trail and Bradders GPS, now thats on another level !! 
N 31 11.781 ~ W 3 58.593 
to a settlement.
And there in the Palms were a few birds, may have been more but i had 5 in view ..
They came down on to the fence and Bedouin tents

Desert Sparrow

Didn't get my preconceived images, they will have to wait for the return visit !!

Erg Chebbi Dunes

This was from about half way out !!

Not long enough with the birds and we had to return, an hours walk back with half a cup of sand in each shoe !!

Yasmina & Dunes

A very special location that I will often think of ....
Fantastic memories

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