Caspian Gull ~ 1st. W ~ X060 ~ Dungeness, Kent - 21.01.17

Sunday 22 January 2017

Today we had the company of Andy L on a lovely sunny afternoon in calm easterly winds with the temperature about 0 degrees ..

Out went the offerings and scanning through the first lot of gulls to rest on the beach was a German yellow rung 1st. W. Caspian ...

Rung on the 06.06.16 from a mixed colony in Brandenburg, Germany.

It was next seen on the 29.09.16 at Westkapelle by Maarten Van Kleinwee
see here ...
Gulls to the Horizon

Then seen on the 25.11.16 at Dungeness by Mike Baldock ?

Then again at Dungeness on 21.01.17

Thanks Ronald Klein for a speedy reply with the birds details ...

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Jamie Partridge said...

I love those 'lost' first gen tail feathers replaced with the black tiped 2nd gen ones
that bird was born in the same colony as two that ive seen on the thames this season, and looks better than both in terms of greater coverts and the way the scaps are marked, perhaps less or no herring influence in the family tree