Azorean Gull ~ 3rd. W ~ Larus michahellis atlantis ~ Sao Miguel, Azores -Nov' 16

Saturday 3 December 2016

These Azorean Gulls, Larus michahellis atlantis were all photographed on Sao Miguel, Azores last week in November.
Primary moult should be complete by the end of October, yet a few birds appear to have not yet fully grown in P10 ..
Also the P10 mirror, with some seemingly more  advanced birds lacking a mirror and some possibly more retarded birds in moult showing a mirror !!

Click on the link for different ages ...
Adult birds
2nd Winters
1st Winters

Azorean Gull ~ 3rd winter

The following all lacking a P10 mirror

Next is a few Sub-Adult 4th cycle types based on bill and covert markings .. 

Probable adult with dark bill markings

Feel free to comment as mistakes are easy to make ...


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Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Awesome pics.. Happy weekend..