Wheatears are they Cool ?

Wednesday 2 March 2016

I have a question ..

Wheatears are they cool ?

Smart, colourful birds but have they got the X-factor !!

Northern Wheatear ~ Dungeness

Desert Wheatear ~ Bempton Cliffs

Isabelline Wheatear ~ Israel

Red-rumped Wheatear ~ Morocco

Black Wheatear ~ Morocco

Magreb Wheatear ~ Morocco

Pied Wheatear ~ Romania

Black-eared Wheatear ~ Lesvos

White crowned Wheatear ~ Morocco

Desert Wheatear ~ Morocco

Hume's Wheatear ~ Israel

Northern Wheatear ~ Dungeness

So this question was asked to some of the birding elite ...
Including a Scientist and a Male Model !!

Are they cool ?

Mr. Wright ...

"Yes great birds the herald of spring"

Mr. Ramm ...

"Anything that's name derives from white arse is f*c*ing awesome"

Mr. Lawson ...

"Err ......... of course!!"
The missus says "They are cute"

Mr. Harvey ...

"I like them but I like them as much as gulls, owls, warblers etc etc"

Mrs. Marinus ...

" I ate one once, nice it was ..."

Mr. Bonser ...

"They're only cool for birders who like easy photographic targets and are unable to identify birds that aren't bright and gaudy"

Mr. Lethbridge ...

"Wheatears rock, you know it"

Mr. Gibbard ...

"They are good and always nice to see"

Mr. Cachinnans ...

"Yeah they're cool, better than fish heads"

Mr. Ashton ...

" Cooler than a Glaucous Gull but not as cool as a Ross's or Ivory"

Mr. Smith ...

"Wheatears are red hot ! and so are most species of bird ! I will pop the lot !
However, gulls are more fun (and interesting) Give me a Franklin's, a Sabine's, a Ross's or Red-billed any day before a Wheatear on a wheelie bin" 

The majority say that yes they're cool ...

As for the X-factor ...

No Wheatears just fail on having the X-factor, due to the fact that Gulls have it !!!

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