White-tailed Eagle ~ Akan, Hokkaido, Japan - 25.12.15

Friday 15 January 2016

It was so easy to forget that it was actually Christmas Day, and what better way to spend part of the day than at The Akan Crane Center, blue skies, snow covered landscapes and Red-Crowned Cranes what more could you want, well a bit more would be nice ..
 I was so focused on photographing the cranes, trying to get those preconceived images and paying no attention to what was around me.
I'm sure they wasn't directly in my field of view as I would of seen them ..
So when it came to the afternoon feeding of the cranes, a man walks out and throws down fish, bursting out the sky came White-tailed Eagles to take advantage of the easy meal ..
Totally amazed at the sheer agility and speed of turn, they're big birds with a wingspan of 240cm thats 8 feet !!
From my first to last image is only 7 minutes and the Eagle spectacle was over ..



Richard Smith said...

That is 7 minutes of ''stunning photography'' Mick ! ! !

Super series ! ! ! !

Steve said...

Absolutely stunning Mick

Jonathan Lethbridge said...

Pure class. 6 & 7 are the best.

Paul Foster said...

Wow,what a spectacle mick...stunnibg!