Mew Gulls ~ California ~ Feb' 15

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Really enjoyed trying to get this species photographed ..
The light was problematic due to the coastbound fog which renders them flat and lacking detail, this fog was at all but one site which was Fisherman's Wharf, in Monterey but even that was short lived, good while it lasted ..

The 2nd cycle birds some with there brown tones covering the underparts, chocolate coverts & tertials are quite different to our 'Common' with more white on the body ...

The best sites where Venice Beach, Salmon Creek and the Russian River ..

Mew Gull ~ 1st. W

2nd. W

Ad. W

A few more images of this species will be on the website ...



j. Daniel Fernández said...

Fantastic job.

Roos said...

Great captures love picture 3 and 4.