Grey-Headed Gull ~ Bisceglie, Italy - 08.02.15

Monday, 9 February 2015

It was always going to happen that once Richard had seen our images that the three of us had taken of the Grey-headed gull, it wouldn't be long before he'd have to go himself ..

So with some cheaper flights from Ryanair, I went again, be rude not too.

The same as the last visit, late flight in on Saturday, pizza, beer and bed. It was all about Sunday and hopefully the gull would perform ..

At Bisceglie Harbour there was no sign of the gull, scanned through all the black-headed but couldn't see it ..
So out went the magic popcorn and it just appeared as if from nowhere !!

With marginally better light than last time I set about gaining better flight shots ..

Grey- Headed Gull


It didn't readily play the game and perform, unlike last time, it was reluctant to come in and feed, and quickly returned back into the harbour to rest on the pontoons ...

With the weather turning for the worst as forecast, it then became an easy decision to drive the 75 miles to Taranto !!! 

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Steve Ashton Wildlife Photography said...

Nice looking bird Mick..... superb images.