Laughing Gull ~ 2nd. W ~ Ballycotton, County Cork, Ireland - 24.01.15

Wednesday 28 January 2015

After a good afternoon at Nimmo's Pier in Galway it was a 120 mile drive to Cork, Travelodge for the night with some dinner and Guinness ...
The next morning was only a 20 mile drive to Ballycotton Harbour for the returning Laughing Gull, it wintered here last year and is back again, as we pulled up there it was sitting on the hand rail with the Herring's ..

All morning till early afternoon was spent trying to coax it in for a standing or resting on water shot but we failed,
It was fly-bys only !!
Realising that the sort after images wasn't going to happen, we moved on pleased with what we had ..

Laughing Gull ~ 2nd. W


Carmo said...

Mike, seriously stunning shots of the Laugher. Not easy to get good shots of the bird unless you get lucky with the light...and you did :) It's a pain trying to get it on the water. I'm going back down there in a week or so to get updated plumage images of it. Smart looking gull.

Unknown said...

I've only seen these splendid birds in Florida I would very much like one in Devon or Cornwall.
Good photos well done!