Little Gull ~ Ad. W ~ Worthing, West Sussex - 01.03.14

Monday 3 March 2014

With three Little Gulls showing well on Brooklands Lake in Worthing and the two white wingers nearby it made things simple where to go ...
The two adults were interested in having their photos taken as for the 1st. W it never came close ..
Repeated fly-bys soon ceased and they hawked over the middle of the lake way out of range ..
What started out to be an amazing session soon fizzled out, the birds going camera shy and also struggling with A/F not locking on, I missed a few fly-bys, tracking and just not locking the A/F ...
I tried center point & inner 9 both were lagging behind, later realising the Image Stabilizer was on from last weeks static bird on the water ..
 I don't shoot flight with the IS on, it slows the A/F down, just forgot to turn it back off ...
Anyway it was good while it lasted ..

Little Gull ~ Ad. W

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