Yellow-Legged Gull ~ Jolly Farmers, Crayford, Kent - 20.11.12

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

It's that time again Gullfreaks when large Larus species start massing up near landfill sites and the clean white headed birds cause confusion !!

So en route to the timber yard, I did a slight detour to check the gulls at some waste ground, formerly Dusseks along side The Jolly Farmers Pub.
A great area, with Viridor, Clubbs, Rainham tip and the Council tip all close by.
The gulls rest up here and scanning through had 2 ad. + 1 1st.W Yellow-legged and a ad.W Med Gull.

Then I found a clean white headed bird, the YLG's had streaking compared to this bird. The bill's shape, colour, size and parallel sided bill differing from the YLG's.
The wing markings, far to much black and no pale tongues !!!
It seems to fit YLG !!
Eyes are really pale  ..

Yellow-Legged Gull ~ ad.W

To much black on the underwing for a Caspian  !!

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