Glaucous Gull ~ Dungeness, Kent ... 29.01.12

Sunday, 29 January 2012

O.M.G .. !! .. The lite is shite !!

When the forecast isn't great, we head for Dungeness as it always comes good  !!
Drove in across Walland Marsh, seeing 52 Bewick's Swans and  failed to locate the Dotterel at Lydd Airport ...
Looked in at the Arc Pit, a smart drake Smew & 4 redheads were the stars !!

At the fishing boats, the gull numbers were nowhere near as many as last weekend and we didn't see the Caspian !!
But the Glaucous had returned, and was noticeably greyer on the upperparts ...

Glaucous Gull ~ 2nd.W

Roll on Friday Ireland here we come !!


Alan Pavey said...

Great to meet you Richard and Kevin yesterday, nice shots as always Mick. said...

The first duck pic,,,what an exotic bird for me!