Yellow-legged Gull ~ Juv ~ Dungeness, Kent - 05.07.15

Monday, 6 July 2015

A good afternoon spent in the company of RB and RS at the fishing boats, Dungeness, Kent ...

The first YLG juveniles on the same date as last year, although RB had a few earlier in the week at Greenwich, London on the Thames and DW had one at Dungeness ..
Three Norweigan ringed GBBG's and a couple of Thames gull ringed birds, also a juv Med Gull and a few Juv BHG's going past ..
Also MC came down and told us about the Roseate Tern in the feeding flock which we later picked out ... Thx

Here's my image of the day ..

Best viewed large !! 

1/2000 ~ F7.1 ~ iso 320 @ 300mm

Norway for the weekend ~ June '15

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Flew into Trondheim Airport with Norwegian Airways for £ 96 return ..
Landed at 23:30 on friday 19th and collected the hire car from Europcar ..
I got a free upgrade to a VW Golf and set the sat-nav for Asen ..

I'd been driving for about 20k when I got stopped and breathalysed by the police, I was clear, so carried on towards Asen ..
Another 10k and noticed that my arrival time on the sat-nav was 07:30am, yet it was only a 30 minute drive, i'd set the sat-nav to the wrong Asen ..
Now with the sat-nav reset " Turn around when possible " yeah I know !!
I drove back the way i came only to get stopped by the same police again ..

A quick stop at about 01:00am as this church looked rather nice ..

Eventually arriving at Gullberget Camp site (no gulls there) about 01:30am where i had a chalet for two nights at £70 ..

I was awake at 04:30am so went out and birded the peninsula heading for Frosta and then out onto the island of Tautra accessed via a causeway with electronic predator gates.
Summer plumaged Black-throated Divers & Red-throated, Eiders, Scoters, Mergansers with the most numerous bird being the Fieldfare 1000's everywhere ...
I went up to Ekne checking all pools and lakes most were birdless except one which had a pair of Slavonian Grebe alongside the FV61 Byavatnet ..

From Ronglan down to Hegra along the E14 to Meraker checking all lakes, driving down dead end tracks to access lakes and some great habitat with lovely scenery but not finding what i was after ...

This last image was from another dead end track which produced 2 Cuckoo and this Postcard Image ...

Drove back to Asen via different routes ..

Sunday was back out on the peninsula finding Common Crane with juveniles, both Black-necked and Slav grebes and a magnificent Black Woodpecker ..

Heaven doesn't really appeal to me, poncey white gowns, angels and generally goodwill to others ...

Where as Hell on the other hand as scantily clad women in black with whips and general debauchery ...

So I thought i'd go check out Hell

Hell was shut which was disappointing !!

So I caught the plane back home ..

Baltic Gulls ~ Stockholm, Sweden - May '15

Sunday, 17 May 2015

After seeing some images from Alan Dalton on his blog 
A quick weekender was planned ..

Flew out on Saturday morning 9th and back the Sunday evening 10th.

Saturday afternoon was spent at Gamla Stan the old town of Skockholm at Skeppsbrokajen. A quay where   Baltic Gulls and others had easy pickings from hand-outs ...

I had reservations beforehand as Me & the Public don't really go together, and there were 100's of people walking about doing there thing but making Me uncomfortable from doing my thing !! plus the light was harsh more excuses ...

Anyway i took 20 images before I packed up the camera and just watched ...

Baltic Gull ~ Larus fuscus fuscus

Sunday morning for about an hour was again at Skeppsbrokajen ..

Heading south of Stockholm and trying our luck at Trinntorp, Brevik and Vissvass before stumbling upon a beautiful location at Karrmarang, Galo Havsbad a lovely sandy bay, a colony of Baltics with 2 Caspian Terns and No people ..

With a GBBG for company 

One of the three island colonies

Simrishamn next time ... 


Caspian Gull ~ 2nd. cy - 1st. S ~ Dungeness, Kent - 28.04.15

Monday, 27 April 2015

The forecast wasn't great for photography, raining with overcast conditions with northerly winds but this has produced some good birds and so late in the afternoon this worn and faded Caspian appeared at the front of the group ..
It remained for about 90 mins and seemed to like being the closest bird to us ..

Quite a small  2nd. cy bird 


Don't look at these !!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Trust me, don't look at these images !!

I took them all by accident ..
I didn't mean to it just happened ..

As part of the healing process its better to air them to aid my recovery so I can focus better on gulls !!

Please accept my apologises for what you are about to see ...

Pied-billed Grebe ~ California '15

Pied-billed Grebe ~ California '15

Lesser Scaup ~ California '15

Ring-necked Duck ~ California '15

Hooded Merganser ~ California '15

Variable Wheatear ~ U.A.E '15

Red-wattled Lapwing ~ U.A.E '15

Red-wattled Lapwing ~ U.A.E '15

Indian Roller ~ U.A.E '15

Indian Roller ~ U.A.E '15

Indian Roller ~ U.A.E '15

Pallid Harrier ~ U.A.E '15

Little green bee-eater ~ U.A.E '15

Little green bee-eater ~ U.A.E '15

Swift Tern ~ U.A.E '15

Swift Tern ~ U.A.E '15

Crested Lark ~ U.A.E '15

White-tailed Plover ~ U.A.E '15

Gullfoss ~ Iceland '14

Iceland '14

Iceland '14

Iceland '14

Iceland '14

Iceland '14

Durdle Door, Dorset ~ '10

If you made it this far seek medical help ...

Glaucous Gull ~ juv ~ Dover '15

Iceland Gull ~ juv ~ Rossaveal

Iceland Gull ~ juv ~ Yougal

Iceland Gull ~ 2nd. W ~ Rossaveal

Iceland Gull ~ 2nd. W ~ Rossaveal

Ring-billed Gull ~ 1st. W ~ Nimmo's, Ireland

Ring-billed Gull ~ 1st. W ~ Nimmo's, Ireland

That's better !!