Caspian Gull ~ Juv ~ Dungeness, Kent - 28.08.16

Sunday, 28 August 2016

South-Westerly winds today and this probably was the cause for a lot less gulls around the fishing boats ..
An Adult and 3 juvvy type YLG's also a small reasonably long winged LBBG which was baltic looking ..

Later in the afternoon I was joined by ML & DW who drew my attention to this following bird in the sitting position ..
It wouldn't stand up or move, prefering to go to sleep but when it did finally move it flew out to sea then sat on the water and drifted a mile away not to be seen again ..

Caspian Gull ~ Juvenile


Caspian Gull ~ Juv/1st.W ~ Dungeness, Kent - 27.08.16

East winds today and a rise in gull numbers with plenty of Juv LBBG's ..
The strong winds must of kept people away as it was nice and quite with no disturbance and the resting bird count steadily grew ...
16:50 and I picked this Caspian out at the waters edge it was an all to brief 5 minutes when it flew north towards Greatstone not to return, hopefully it will reappear ...
A different bird  from the juvenile which was 2 weeks ago on the 14th .. 

Caspian Gull ~ Juvenile ~ Dungeness, Kent - 14.08.16

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Sunday turned out to be a good day, clear skies, sunny, harsh light at times and a easterly breeze of 12mph ..
East winds are in your face when at the fishing boats and in turn means that the gulls are flying away from you but there flight is much more interesting for images ...

Having set-up on the beach about 3pm it was only 15 mins later when I picked up a Caspian Gull coming in over the boats, down on to the beach with the resting flock ..
A small probable female bird and a smart juvenile ..
The rest of the afternoon and early evening was spent keeping tabs on this bird, trying to get it in the best of the available light, which proved to be quite hard at times ...


Ebro Delta, Spain ~ July '16

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Easyjet out on Friday 29th July and back on Monday 1st August but the flight back was cancelled so it was  night in a hotel and back on the 2nd ..
Mornings were spent at Punta de la Banya and evenings at Port d'llla de Mar ...
A few images were gained on a difficult trip for photograph, dull light, un-cooperative birds and to many people !!


16 Caspian Gulls

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

I bet that title got loads of you interested, well maybe not loads probably a few like 3 could even be as much as 4, but i'm gonna stick with loads ...
16 ? ... Where ? ... Thousands Hundreds A few rush to look !! can't be, oh last season, oh dunge .. zzz
The '15 season was very productive for Caspian's at Dungeness with 16 birds photographed and 4 were rung ..

The '16/'17 winter season has a lot to live up to, the wait is nearly over for the many 1000's of excited people !!

#1 ... 15.03.15

#2 ... 26.04.15

#3 ... 27.09.15 ... 2nd. W

#4 ... 27.09.15

#5 ... 10.10.15

#6 ... 11.10.15

#7 ... 24.10.15

#8 ... 25.10.15

#9 ... 25.10.15

#10 ... 01.11.15

#11 ... 07.11.15

#12 ... 07.11.15

#13 ... 08.11.15

#14 ... 15.11.15 ... Adult

#15 ... 12.12.15 ... 3rd. W

#16 ... 13.12.15