Lesser Black-backed Gull ~ Black / MF - 15.08.15

Sunday, 23 August 2015

A nice ringed Lesser Black-backed gull was found near the fishing boats at Dungeness on the 15.08.15


Ringed by Roland-Jan Buijs as a pullus 21.06.09
At Moerdijk, Netherlands

It was then seen at ...

Tan-Tan, Morocco - 22.11.06
El Jadida, Morocco - 22.04.11
Hollandsch Diep, Netherlands - 12.07.12
Tilburg, Netherlands - 19.07.12
Hollandsch Diep, Netherlands - 24.04.13
Hollandsch Diep, Netherlands - 22.04.14
Dungeness, Kent - 15.08.15

Tail Pattern Quiz

Thursday, 20 August 2015

This is just for fun ...

A Gull Tail Pattern Quiz !!

Now if your bored of waiting for those Wheatear's to turn up on your patch, or you've filled up all the memory on your Flickr site or started photographing planes as you can't do bird in flight shots then this quiz probably isn't for you ...

But if you're already reading this blog then you must be bored already to even get this far so here it is ..

You can add your answers in the comments at the bottom or via email to 


If you drifted off to sleep, then going for seagull 1 -30 is a fail (jono)

1st. Prize ~ Bottle of Old Spice
2nd. Prize ~ Out of date Easter Egg
3rd. Prize ~ Yesterday's paper

Tail variations in Juvenile Herring Gulls

Monday, 10 August 2015

The variation in tail patterns of Herring Gulls both argenteus and argentatus is unique to every bird, like fingerprints ...
Ranging from small terminal bands to near complete dark tails, some are fairly plain whilst others are boldly barred ...

Patterns and marking are due to genetics but could some be caused by dietary deficiencies ...

Yellow-legged Gulls ~ Juveniles in July

Friday, 31 July 2015

July brings the first arrivals of juvenile Yellow-legged Gulls from Europe to the South East.
With most of the other large gulls looking bleached and worn these big, dark and fresh looking birds stand out.
The 5th was our first bird at the fishing boats, Dungeness with DW having a few earlier in the week at The Patch and RB scoring even earlier at Greenwich !!





Very interesting bird with a heavily barred tail
Image No: 35 is the same bird as above just in better light


These images highlight the plumage variation in Yellow-legged Gulls from fairly umarked tails to heavily barred and the same for the underwings from dark markings to hardly any markings just uniform brown ..