Herring Gull ~ Dungeness, Kent ... 22.01.12

Tuesday 24 January 2012

As the weather was for dull & overcast we decided on a pilgrimage to the old  faithful Kent's finest ... Dungeness.
Gull's being the main target, and the roost has easily double in numbers !!
Loads of Gull's
Hundreds loafe on the shingle and even more are cruising around the fishing boats and that's where the action is !!

Herring Gull ~ 1st.W
Ringed bird from the North Thames Gull Project

Herring Gull ~ 2nd.W

Herring Gull ~ 4th.W

Herring Gull ~ ad.S

Hopefully i've aged them all correctly

So you don't like gull's ... why !!

Gull's are Fantastic


Millhouse Photography said...

You're right - gulls are fantatsic! Great cpatures.

Marc Heath said...

Lovely images Mick.