Wine Cellar Project

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Once the dig was complete I took over the design and build of this Wine Cellar holding c.900 bottles ..

Above shows the multiple membrane's and the screeded base at nearly 3 meter's down at the bottom ..

The design was drawn out on to white correx to workout the best storage per section, the sections was then mass cut and assembled on site ..

The spiral staircase was an off the shelf kit which was adapted for this wine cellar .. 

Below shows the routered groove for the L.E.D lighting and ventilation holes .. 

 Below the base sections are complete with treads but here without all infill as in the above image ..  

With the membrane folded in the concrete was poured and reinforced .. 

The membrane was folded back and the top section got underway ..

As the sections went in so the treads were cut in and in went the cables for lighting ..

Ventilation pipes all hidden between sections ..

The rest of the treads were cut and positoned for a mock-up before the completion of the top section ..

Once all the top sections were fixed so was the treads and the remainder of the cables, the membrane was folded in again and the top section was then pour with concrete ..

The top ring was 3 layers of 25mm ply the  radius routered on site ..

Another 3 layers of 25mm ply formed the finished radius and door shape also showing the concrete backfill ..

Floor re-instated and two-part filler begins..

This shows some of the Beech veneer applied and cut-outs for Soss hinges .. 

The first layer of the 3 layer ply doors

Close-up showing the make-up of the 3 layer doors ..

This shows the half door and split quarter door ..

19mm toughened glass dry run and lights on with the laminated floor installed and protected with correx ..

Acrylic white primer ..

Dark Grey Oil primer ..

Lights on !!

Linear Actuators open and close the two doors automatically ..

And to say that i'm pleased with the finished result is an under-statement, I was given free rein to design and build for GPML and the client ..

It looks stunning ..

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