Trying something different ....

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The next couple of months are going to be quiet until the first juveniles arrive so I will be trying different techniques out, to calm the bouts of insanity or maybe I am insane and thats why i'm trying them ..

Constructive critique good or bad is always welcome ..

Needed to try out the 500 +1.4xIII
Plus a humongous crop and hand held which isn't to bad quailty wise, can't say the same about the chosen subject but needs must ..


Jonathan Lethbridge said...

That's more like it!! If I had a complaint it would be about the head angle, I'd prefer it in a bit more. But no photo of a Wheatear can ever be bad.
I can't comment on the shed as I cannot do landscapes to save my life.

Steve Gale said...

Are you Jono Lethbridge in disguise?