Cantabrian Gull ~ Ad ~ Larus michahellis lusitanius - Dec' 16

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Cantabrian Gull
Larus michahellis lusitanius

A subspecies of norminate L. michahellis its genes are between michahellis and atlantis.
These birds are from the Basque Country on the northern coast of Spain, photographed at Ondarroa Harbour and Getaria Harbour and beach between 21st and 28th December 2016 ..

Thanks to Antonio Gutierrez for the contact info ..
Thanks to Asier Aldalur for your time given on the two days ..
Thanks to Alfredo Herrero for the ringing details ..
Good to meet Javi Elorriaga, Juan Carlos Andres and Xabi Saralegi ..

L.m. lusitanius are generally smaller, short legged and slightly darker grey mantle tone ..

For images of different ages click links ....
3rd. Winter birds
2nd. Winter birds

Cantabrian Gull ~ Adult

Some birds probably females seem to really show off the squart ~ short leg

Ringed in Getaria 2007

Ringed in San Sebastian in 2008

Ringed in Getaria in 2008

Ringed in San Sebastian in 2010

Ringed in Getaria in 2010

This birds P10 mirror is from the larger end of the scale 
Tiny mirror to P9 in inner web ~ Black to P5

Tiny mirror on P9 on inner web of right wing only

No mirror on P9 ~ Tiny black mark on P4 on outer web

No mirror on P9 ~ Tiny black mark on P4 on outer web

Tiny P9 mirror to inner web of right wing

Large mirror to P10 and small on P9

Large mirror to P10 with no sub-terminal band 

Black on outer web of P4

Probable 4cy with No P9 mirrors

No sub-terminal band to P10
P9 mirror on inner web

Over the shoulder look on sand !!
One of my favourite poses ..

Can never have enough images !!

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