Sooty Gulls ~ Khor Kalba Beach, U.A.E

Sunday 11 January 2015

The first small gathering of Sooty Gulls was at Khor Kalba Harbour, but the best location was Kalba Beach south of Fujairah ..

Cordinates for Kalba Beach
25° 4' 13.9476'' N56° 21' 39.3300'' E

Here the Bengali fisherman pull there nets in up the beach attracting large numbers of gulls and terns ..

The Sooty's were fairly confiding birds and would tolerate a closer approach than any of the other gulls on the beach ...
Smart looking gulls ..

Sooty Gull ~ Ad. W

Sub-Ad. W

Sub-Adult probably 3rd. winter birds based on lack of white neck collar and still retaining some black markings it the tail feathers ..

2nd. W

1st. W

Pleased to have finally seen these, now its their cousins the White-eyed that needs a trip organised ...

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