Bonaparte's Gull - PtII ~ Princes Park, Eastbourne - 16.02.13

Monday, 18 February 2013

Yep ..... back again with the promise of better light and yet again the forecaster's got it wrong.

We still had a good day even with it being dull and overcast ..

The bird is such a star it even had birding Royalty turn up to see it ...
Pete & Majella

There is a but ... well the bird isn't a real performer it's so stuffed with bread all it seems to do is rest in the middle and when it fly's in its a quick in & out to grab a piece then back in the middle ... No twist's, turn's, backflips or somersaults  just a few banking shots .... ZZzzzzzzzz

Bonaparte's  Gull

We gave it another visit on Sunday afternoon 17.02.13, only had an hour as time was precious, needed to be else where !!

Light was the best so far ...

Then some redneck throwback with a Radio-controlled Exocet missile of a boat, flushed the lot off  !!

So we moved on ...

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