Mediterranean Gull ~ Southend Pier, Essex - 10.11.12

Monday, 12 November 2012

The weather was forecast to be grey cloud and light rain all day, so what do we always do when the light is bad ?

Gull's !!!

Gull's and more Gull's ...

So we headed to Southend Pier, a couple of detours as it doesn't open till 10 am and we caught the first train to the end. This is the first of the season's visits and there wasn't to many Gull's, but plenty to look at ...

Three ringed birds ..

3E72 ~ 3cy ringed 2005 - Belgium
E494 ~ Pullus 2010 - Belguim
AAEZ ~ Ad ringed 2006 - Germany

Mediterranean Gull ~ 1st.W

Mediterranean Gull ~ 2nd.W

Mediterranean Gull ~ ad.W

All Man ex ~ 1/1250 ~ 4.0 ~ iso 400

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Steve Ashton Wildlife Photography said...

Nice Gull shots Mick, as you say, something to photograph in poor light.