Caspian Gull - 1st.S ~ Viridor Recycling, Crayford, Kent ... 09.04.12

Monday, 9 April 2012

I just couldn't take no more, so bored, i just had to get out.
I needed somewhere to go, which involve me not getting out of the van in the rain and i could sit with the heater on !!
Viridor Recycling Center, in Crayford .. perfect !!
After 20 minutes of scanning the gull's and finding nothing other than the norm, when up pulls Andy Lawson saying there's a Y-L-Gull on the roof, 10 sec's later he says there's a Caspian Gull on the roof  ...
Both must of flown in as he pulled up !!!
That's what i believe anyway ...

So i popped home got the camera and came back only to take some dodgy shots of a distant Caspo.

Caspian Gull ~ 1st. S

Prediction for the weekend ...

Beautiful light for photography

Loads of migrant birds everywhere.

Keep wishing !!!


Steve Ashton Wildlife Photography said...

Can I hold you to your prediction for the weekend Mick ???

Mick Southcott said...

Yep it's all going to go crazy with birds so close you have to take a step backwards to focus !!

Noushka said...

I hope the prediction come true for you!!
Lovely "black and white" subject!
Well done, cheers!